Piccadilly Circus at night



–adjective 1. coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained

My favorite times so far have been when spontaneity plays a role.  The other night we all decided to make a trip to China Town to get some real asian food.  Despite the pouring rain we made the trek.  I convinced everyone to eat at a Vietnamese Restaurant and there I proceeded to order the best meal for a cold, wet night; Pho.  The pho was great.  After we ate our impulses took us to a huge 3-story arcade/bowling alley/bar where we had an awesome time scouring the selection of games.  This place is freakin’ awesome.  It has every game you could think of.  Legit.  While we were perusing on the first floor we saw this underpass with a bunch of guys break dancing and discovered a huge krumping battle competition.  It was amazing to stumble on something like that.  Apparently the best UK Crumping Crew, Wet Wipez, was holding a competition to see who would represent them in a international krumping event.  So we got to witness the best “krumpers” in the UK going at it with sick beats reverberating in this small underground tunnel.  It was hot, it was sweaty, it was smelly… but that is what made it raw and real.  Probably one of my favorite moments so far simply because we didn’t plan on it… we stumbled upon it.  That is what is great about London… there is so much going on in every pocket of it that you can by chance discover something like a krumping battle.




After the intensity of that battle we were reminded that London weather doesn’t care how far away from home you are.  We proceeded to walk the hour back to Bankside in pouring rain.  Oh, we made a pit-stop at a McDonald’s (btw, Mickey D’s is legit here… they have people waiting to take your trash/trays and their apple pies are bomb).  The rain, while drenching us from head to toe, gave us something to bond over.  Thank you heater for drying my clothes that night.  And f*** you taxi drivers for not stopping to pick us up.

The next day the rain relented enough for us to catch the evening service at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Service was an amazing and humbling experience.  The echo of the reverand’s voice bouncing off intricately chiseled stone walls constructed hundreds of years ago, the smell of the incense burning, and the awesome site of the gilded columns towering over you was something that had me in awe.

The next morning I was yawning at my first 10am lecture.  Sociology of work, though, turned out to be a lot more interesting than I expected.  But my corporate finance lecture an hour later was brutal.  Basically ran through everything I learned in a semester at Babson in one 2 hour lecture.  Oh boy.

But let’s not talk about school here.  Let’s talk about the awesome kebob I had for lunch today.  Let’s talk about the nice stroll on Oxford Street (the longest street of shopping in the UK!).  Yeah those things, coupled with “Crown Royal” pong tonight, rounded out another awesome day in the city of London.

That’s it for now.

Oh and this is a shout-out to my girl friend.  Miss you!


Jess cooked me a farewell dinner, it was bomb.



We had second row seats to Wicked. It was sick.


Anyways, over and out.