Hardest Lion to mount. lol

I think I realized these past few days that I’m finally settled in.  I knew this when I took a stroll around the neighborhood on my own and didn’t feel alone.  When you get to a new place you are initially afraid of being alone in an unfamiliar setting.  When that setting becomes familiar, you shed that fear, and you embrace a new home.  And my new home is awesome.

So a lot has happened in the past days.  I can’t assure you my recounts will be in perfect chronological order.  But I’ll try my best!

London has lately blessed us with some fantastic weather.  Not quite Southern California but definitely worthy of some photography.  It was so clear and sunny I actually felt inclined to enjoy some of the various parks London has.

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Green Park, Eff you expensive lounge chairs... all I need is the grass beneath me.

Green Park, pigeons!

My suite mate and I ended up walking to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace that day.  It was an exhausting walk.  But then I’ve grown accustomed to walking everywhere here.  It’s a great work-out… I bought a pair of skinny jeans before I came to London (yeah I was trying to be European stylish) and now I need a belt to hold up those jeans.  I’m dropping pounds like crazy.  Both kinds of pounds.  :[  haha get it?

Speaking of dropping pounds… we made a trip to China Town the other night and I spent quite a bit on dinner.  But it was pretty tasty.. and it was a feast.

Chinese feast

I also had a bet going during this meal… and ended up having to down two pints.  I looked like such an American.  “No, no both of the pints are mine.” -_-

So you’re probably wondering what is up with the “Panther” part of my title.  Well, while me and Sahil (my suite mate) were out near Trafalgar Square (where the Lions are) we discovered this hip, upscale lounge/bar that was serving a cocktail called the “Pink Panther”.  As intrigued as any two guys with the sudden freedom to consume alcohol might be, we went in and voila… the “Pink Panther”.

The Pink Panther

And yes I realize my alcohol counter is already up to 2 pints and a cocktail.  But I promise you I have been doing other things in attempts to be cultured.  Like visiting museums.  Which are completely free here.  It is so awesome to enjoy the works of artists like Warhol, Gauguin, Monet, Monat, Serrat, Cezanne, and others for the cost of a light walk.  The Tate Modern Museum is so close it is actually visible from my window.  Speaking of modern art… I have developed a love/hate relationship with it.  My love for it is based purely on its ability to wow and shock me.  The only thing predictable about modern art is its unpredictability.  I hate it (some of it) because without that little 5 by 10 plaque next to it I would have no idea what it is or what it stands for or why my 11 year old sister couldn’t replicate it.  I actually heard a story that someone dropped their wallet at the Tate and came back hours later to discover visitors taking pictures of a new exhibit; the wallet.

Andy Warhol

It says so much by saying so little.

Some other amazing things I managed to do in the past few days:

– cheese/bread tasting at Borough Market; who knew cheese came in so many flavors?

– watched the “sneak peek” of The Social Network at Leicester Square (movies come out later here than the states), great movie

– enjoyed Somset House at night (check out the pics!)

– Toured the Herman Miller show room (jealous much?)

Some lame things that happened:

– my laptop screen broke, eff you lenovo

– I got sick, eff you pathogens

*Random fact* : The American Civil War cost $6.5 billion.  The “North’s” share of that: $3.5 billion.  The cost of buying every slave in the south and giving them a 20 acre farm: $3 billion.  What a waste!

Anyways, that’s it for now.  I’m exhausted.

Nyquil is my best friend.

– J

We use these a lot.