Today I begin my journey back home to the sunny shores of HB, with a brief stop in Boston.  I’m elated to finally re-unite with family and friends for the holiday season.  Cheap food, sunshine, comfy bed, my car, my dog, NBA games… they all beckon me home.  However, parting ways with London for the next month has me reflecting and realizing what I’m going to miss about this city.  Since I like lists, here is a list of the top 10 things (in no particular order) I’m going to miss about London.

1. Borough Market; fresh, locally grown foods, delicious cheeses and breads.  I’m pretty fortunate to have this gem tucked away right around the corner.  Saturday Borough runs never disappoint.

2. Pubs; the intimacy and charm of local pubs really can’t be matched by bars back home.  Cheery accents, laughter, and pints shape the social culture of drinking here.

3. Travel; okay, so I didn’t do THAT much traveling this term (Scotland, Amsterdam).  But the opportunity was always there and London’s accessibility to hot destinations is something I’ll miss.  Spring break traveling is going to be amazing.

4. The Tube; I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with public transportation.  New York had me swearing off the subways for life, but once I mastered the Tube I never looked back.  It’s convenient, stress-free, and cheap.

5. The Christmas Spirit; from the Christmas songs played in all the department stores, to a stampede of hundreds of people dressed up as Santa, to decking out Hyde Park in decorations to transform it into a Winter Wonderland, to the ice skating venues sprawled across the city… London does Christmas justice.

6. Indian food; I was never the biggest fan of Indian food growing up.  My reasoning was always rooted in the aesthetics.  Looks are deceiving.  Yesterday I made a highly anticipated trip to Brick Lane.  Curry bliss.  I’ll miss soaking up that spicy, savory concoction with hand-torn pieces of warm naan.

7. “Cheers!’; it means a lot of things here but to me it means that I’m definitely in London.

8.  Peroni; this lager was my first beer here.  It’s still one of my favorites.

9.  Master Superfish; you walk into this local favorite and you can see/smell the authenticity of their fish n’ chips.  Something about a  whole cod fish battered and deep fried, served with a piping hot plate of chips, warms my soul.  My favorite fish n’ chips.  I won’t miss the heartburn though.

10.  Jaywalking; there is nothing like being a complete BA and crossing the street, narrowly missing speeding double decker buses, while you leave those pansies clutching the crosswalk button in the dust.  It’s a way of asserting yourself as a true Londoner, and it’s a good rush.

So those are the ten I came up with.  I’ll probably make one more post on here before I return to London.  So, I’ll see you all in 2011.  By the way, I recently surpassed 1000 views.  Thanks for reading, I’ll be doing mass posting of pictures soon.