Some animal carcasses at Borough market... NBD

Loch Ness

I spy my train

This looks so photoshopped... but it's actually real, looking over Trafalgar Square w/ Big Ben in the distance

Perfect weather.

Pidgeons at Green Park

Finally, a sunny day

A building next to school, I think it's the Aussie Centre

Somerset House

The view from on top of Temple Station

My "arsty" picture from Lincons Fields Park

The Herman Miller showroom, when I make my first million I'm getting one of these

Love London architecture.

Me on the Millenium Bridge with St. Paul's Cathedral in the background, touched up*

My first alcohol purchase, Ketel One Vodka

All I prescribe is cranberry and vodka 🙂

Our little Marks and Spencer feast

St. Pauls from the Millenium Bridge

Southwark Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral, I went to Sunday service... it was amazing


Old-Fashioned Sweet Shop

Millenium Bridge/St. Pauls at night.. one of my favorite pics

My first "Tiger" beer

Mini Timesquare at Piccadilly Circus

Ripleys at Piccadilly

Piccadilly at night

China Town at night

Appetizing duck at China Town

Slot machines are surprisingly addictive

This game looks intense!

Cheap cosmic bowling, coming back for sure

This arcade is MASSIVE. 3 stories of fun.


Laker pride! And I also tied the high score :

on my way to 73, I'm way too competitive with this game

Jenn in the "seat of terror"... personally I think they should call it the "chair of terror"



London Bridge

London Bridge, Opening

Scotland Yard

Inside Tate Modern Museum

Piccadilly Circus, in the rain

Salvador Dali, Metamorphosis of Narcissus; at Tate Modern