So I’ve been toying with this whole design thing for a while.

I arrived to college with a passion for ‘business’.  Whatever that means.  I had this vision that I’d hit the ground running, that great ideas would spawn from the mere whisper of “entrepreneur“.  The truth is I’ve had plenty of great ideas.  But I’ve always been better at nurturing others’ visions than my own.

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve actually embraced it. Creative direction and design, while being a whole new playground for me, is something that I love to do. It’s something that I can seem myself getting better at.  And while I know I’m a novice, rocking on the baby swing set, I know how much passion and drive can give you the momentum you need.  And I’ve got plenty of that.

For now I’ve been using my new-found passion to produce content for my internship at CloudLock.  You can find some of my work here and here.

Along with this I’ve been working on some independent, free-lance design projects.  And re-vamping  the F-Squared Designs Site.  As of today, it has been relaunched as a personal portfolio website.

I know I’ve got a lot of growing to do.  But everyone starts somewhere.

Where would I really like to start?  A digital media marketing firm.

What exactly is a digital media marketing firm?  I’m not entirely sure.  I mean I know the definition.  It’s a firm that creates media for the digital world, right?  But how does a firm like this run?  Is it the modern twist on Mad Men without the raging fits of sexism and disregard for lungs?  Is it a collection of creatives sippin’ on flat whites, peering at 27 inch iMacs and tweeting pics of their lunch?  In a world where anyone can create content on the fly via status update, tweet, blog post… do these firms boast the connoisseurs of social media?

I’m on a mission to find the answers to these questions.  I just hope I’m qualified enough to get my foot in the door.

What doors am I considering knocking on?  Here are a few:

Blitz Digital Agency

Column Five Media



Lastly, a tune that I’ve been stuck on…